Mission Statement

Our Business Areas

Cutting-Edge TV/Radio Production Technology Reliable Information System Technology ´Ż×Pursuing the Potential of Media, Creating Next-generation Quality´Ż×

Technology 01 / Broadcast Engineering
We are responsible for a wide range of technical operations for NHK's broadcasts and produce and transmit its quality TV and radio programs.
We provide the leadership in broadcast engineering from 8K/4K and 3D.
Technology 02 / Information Systems Technology
We design, develop, operate and maintain the information systems which underpin broadcasting operations.
We contribute to the requirements from the IT society, utilizing the advanced information system technology.
Technology 03 / Advanced Media Technology
We are pioneering next-generation technology, including the linkage of broadcasting and telecommunications.
We provide services for the creation and development of new systems for the evolving media.

3D The Ravages of the Tsunami Two Years On 2011-2013
The Great Tsunami in Japan Reflecting on the 2011 disaster 3D Documentary
Movie : NHK Media Technology,Inc.

Our Profile

Company Name
NHK Media Technology, Inc.
Mutsuo Matsumoto, President & CEO
Dai-San Kyodo Bldg., 4-14 Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0047
October 9, 1984
¥380 million ( NHK equity contribution of ¥266.98 million )
¥35.5 billion (2017 financial year)
1,229 ( as of March 2018 )

Corporate Officers

President & CEO
Mutsuo Matsumoto
Executive Managing Director
Chikashi Umeda
Managing Director
Motoi Mizuta
Managing Director
Masaru Yoshida
Managing Director
Takahito Nozawa
Managing Director
Tomio Hatanaka
Managing Director(part-time)
Etsuro Yamada
Managing Director(part-time)
Noriyuki Goto
Managing Director(part-time)
Keiji Kodama
Managing Director(part-time)
Toyoaki Shimada
Managing Director(part-time)
Hisashi Anzai
Managing Director(part-time)
Takatoshi Tanaka
Managing Director(part-time)
Ryoji Takeda
Corporate Auditor
Nobuyuki Yamakawa
Corporate Auditor(part-time)
Satoru Tanaka
( as of June 2018 )

Business License

Construction Business License [ telecommunications ]
[ Issued by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism:General-27 No.26145 ]

Primary Shareholders

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), NHK Enterprises, Inc., NHK Integrated Technology, Inc., NHK Global Media Services Inc., NHK Educational Corp., NHK Art, Inc., Mizuho Bank Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., NHK Publishing, Inc., NHK Culture Center, MUFG Bank, Ltd., NHK Business Services Inc.

Principal Customers

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), NHK Enterprises, Inc., NHK Educational Corp., NHK Planet, Inc., NHK Global Media Services Inc. , Japan International Broadcasting Inc. etc.


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